Enrol Your Child

To enrol your child/children at Woodside Children's Nursery, you must complete a registration form and return it to the nursery stating clearly which sessions are required and the commencement date. Enrolment packs including registration forms are issued upon request.

Securing Enrolment

Confirmation of the child's enrolment, following an offer of a place is required within 28 days. A deposit will be required to secure this place, 3 months before the commencement date. Fees are paid in advance either weekly, fortnightly or monthly. One months notice is required, in writing if you wish to withdraw a child from the nursery. Normal payment procedures will still be required and either your deposit refunded or deducted from the final invoice.

Education Grant

The nursery is able to offer educational sessions for children over 3 years. This is funded by the Government and parents are entitled to claim for up to five sessions per week during term time.


The nursery will be closed for the English Bank Holidays. Fees will be charged for these periods.

Christmas Eve - parents will be expected to pick up siblings earlier as the nursery will close at 12:30.

Christmas & New Year - The Nursery will be closed for the week in between Christmas & New Year where fees will not be required.

A retainer fee of 75% will be incorred for holidays allowing a maximum of 10 days for full time placed children and if 2 days a week care then 4 days holiday entitlement etc. Any further absences will be charged at full rate.

Arrival & Departure

The nursery opens promptly at 07:00 and closes at 18:00.

If late collection is inevitable, by law two members of staff have to remain on the premises until the child is collected. Late collection fee is £10 per quarter of an hour that you are late, rounded up to the nearest quarter of an hour whilst the child remains on the premises. All contact must be sought for this occurrence to gage the level at which collection can be made or alternative, a more cost effective solution may be sort.

Property & Belongings

Every effort will be made by the staff to avoid loss or damage to children's property. They cannot however be held responsible for damage to belongings unless it is due to staff negligence. Please help by ensuring all clothing, toys etc that a child brings to nursery are properly named.

Please also ensure that children are dressed appropriately for messy indoor and outdoor play. Slippers can be provided for inside wear and outdoor wear can be either trainers, wellington boots or general outdoor shoes.

Contact Numbers

We are currently experiencing some issues with our main telephone number (01529) 307 500.

Please use our alternate phone number if you are having difficulties contacting us:

(01529) 30 30 05

Thank you.

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