Morning sessions include snacks and lunch. Afternoon sessions include tea. Fees will be charged for English Bank Holidays but not when the Nursery is closed. We do close the week in between Christmas and New Year.

Before a child's admission to the nursery is accepted, you will be required to sign a contract and fill in a child's entry record. A deposit will be required and retained by the nursery and deducted from your last invoice as your child leaves.

Fees are payable in advance at the begining of each week/month and any extra sessions will be calculated and charged with the next invoice.

Fees are correct as of 1st April 2017.

Early Explorers (0-2 Years) Full Day £40.00
5 Day Full Time Week £160.00
Explorers (2-3 Years) Half Day - No Food £20.00
Half Day - Including Food £23.00
Full Day £35.00
5 Day Full Time Week £150.00
Investigators (3-4 Years)* Half Day - No Food £20.00
Half Day - Including Food £23.00
Full Day £35.00
5 Day Full Time Week (Using 15 hours funding) £110.00
  5 Day Full Time Week (Using 12 hours stretched funding) £130.00
Conquerors (Pre-School)* 08:30 - 11:30 Including Mid AM Snack £12.50
12:00 - 15:00 Including Mid PM Snack £12.50
08:30 - 15:00 Including Snacks & Lunch £28.00
Pre-School is during term time only.
* Free Government Funding Entitlements are not included in the above price guides.  For 3 and 4 year old eligable children, please click here for more details or click here for 2 year old funding. 
Breakfast Club 07:00 - Breakfast Club and Take to School £4.50
Early Birds & Night Owls  07:30 - Take to School (Breakfast not included) £3.75
Collect from School & Tea £8.25
Holiday Club 07:30 - 12:30 Including Lunch £15.00
12:30 - 18:00 Including Tea £15.00
07:00 - 18:00 Including all Meals £25.00
Pay As You Go and Hourly Rate negotiable for Kids Club
Bus Transport Child - Morning Single Journey to Leasingham St. Andrew's CofE Primary School £1.20
  Child - Afternoon Single Journey from Leasingham St. Andrew's CofE Primary School
(Year 3 Upwards Inclusive)
  Child - Afternoon Single Journey from Leasingham St. Andrew's CofE Primary School
(Reception to Year 2 Inclusive)
  Adult - Single Journey to/from Leasingham St. Andrew's CofE Primary School £1.50
Nursery Web Cam monthly monitoring fee £5.00
Out of hour child care is available subject to agreement. 
Late collection fee is £10.00 per ¼ hour you are late and is rounded up to the nearest ¼ hour. 

Payment of Fees

All fees are paid monthly/weekly in advance by cheque/cash made payable to Woodside Children's Nursery. Standing Orders/Direct Debits can be arranged. Child Care Vouchers are also accepted. A deposit of £150/£100/£50 is required depending on full or part time care you require, which will be retained and deducted from the final invoice when care is terminated.

Invoices will be submitted at the beginning of each month for payment in advance of that months nursery fee. If payment is not made within 7 days of the date on the invoice refusal for care will be enforced and additional charges incurred for late payment.

Deposit monies will be utilised for this shortfall and if appropriate, you will be refunded the difference. The place allocation will be withdrawn and you will not be accepted to return to the nursery.

Full fees are incurred if a child is off sick for up to 5 consecutive days and 75% of fees for further days up to and including 10 days. If illness is long term further reductions can be made at the discretion of the manager.

Contact Numbers

We are currently experiencing some issues with our main telephone number (01529) 307 500.

Please use our alternate phone number if you are having difficulties contacting us:

(01529) 30 30 05

Thank you.

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