Policies, Procedures & Documents

Our policies & procedures are reviewed on a regular basis.


The following are matters which are taken into account when a child is offered a space at the nursery:

  • Availability of space
  • Our ability to provide appropriate facilities for that child
  • When the application is/was received, as there may be a waiting list
  • A position of full time space will be offered over part time space in most applications
  • Children who already have a sibling attending the nursery, or where there is a proven connection

Behaviour Management

Within the nursery, we aim to set boundries in a way in which helps a child to develop a sense of the significance of their own behaviour, both within their own environment and that around them.

Restrictions of the child's natural desire to explore are kept to a minimum. By positively promoting good behaiour, valuing co-operation and a caring attitude, we hope to ensure that children will develop as reasonable members of society.

Parent Hand Book

Please click here to download our Parent Handbook (PDF).

Parent/Carer Feedback:

Please click here for feedback from our latest annual Parent Questionnaire.

Complaints Procedure

If any parent/carer should have any cause for complaint they should in the first instance take it up with the manager and in her absence, the deputy manager.

The complaint will be recorded on a complaints record sheet and the matter will be fully investigated. Details of the investigation and any action to be taken as a result and whether the complaint was satisfied, will be fully recorded and a copy of that record will be provided to the complainant.

If the matter cannot be fully resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant, then they will have the right to rise the matter with:

OFSTED Early Years
The Complaints Manager,
Royal Exchange Buildings,
St Ann's Square,
M2 7LA.

Tel: 08456 404040

Contact Numbers

We are currently experiencing some issues with our main telephone number (01529) 307 500.

Please use our alternate phone number if you are having difficulties contacting us:

(01529) 30 30 05

Thank you.

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