Woodside Children's Nursery operates a 'Fair Recruitment' policy. If you would like to build a career working at Woodside Children's Nursery, then please take the first step and download our application form.

Equal Opportunities

Woodside Children's Nursery takes great care to treat each person as an individual with equal rights, whether they are adults or children.

Discrimination on the grounds of sex, race religion, colour, creed, marital status, ethnic or national origin has no place within this establishment.


We are currently seeking reliable and flexible bank staff, please contact us via phone or email if you are interested.  Candidiates should ideally hold a Level 2 in a related Childcare subject or have experience in child care settings. 

Application Form

Click here to download an application form.

Contact Numbers

We are currently experiencing some issues with our main telephone number (01529) 307 500.

Please use our alternate phone number if you are having difficulties contacting us:

(01529) 30 30 05

Thank you.

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