We take security very seriously here at Woodside Children's Nursery.

Entry to our site and building is secured using biometric fingerprint technology. Fingerprint scanning essentially provides us with the identification of a person based on the acquisition and recognition of unique patterns and ridges in their fingerprint. Only those parents/carers who have been scanned can access the site and building. All other visitors must acquire access using our bell system at the main gate.

Security CCTV camera's are in place through the building as well as outside. The camera's are linked to a recording device for security purposes. Camera images are monitored (and recorded) and may be used to identify unknown visitors as well as ensuring the children, staff and premises remain safe and secure.

Contact Numbers

We are currently experiencing some issues with our main telephone number (01529) 307 500.

Please use our alternate phone number if you are having difficulties contacting us:

(01529) 30 30 05

Thank you.

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